Why you should make a Power of Attorney

We all hope to stay fit and well as we get older. Sadly, that can't be guaranteed. Therefore, it's vital to plan ahead so that your affairs are always looked after by someone you trust.

Putting in place a Power of Attorney can give you peace of mind.

A Power of Attorney is a written authorisation for someone else to represent or act on your behalf in private affairs, business, and other legal matters. Usually that power is given to family members, friends or your solicitor.

You can set up a Power of Attorney at any age – it's not just for older people.

Simple and straightforward

The process is simple.

  • Make an appointment with us to discuss it
  • Choose one or more people who you are happy to act for you in relation to your finances, and to make medical and care decisions for you if you can't do so
  • Talk to these people (your Attorneys) and make sure they're happy to act for you
  • We draft the Power of Attorney and send it to you to look over. You decide what powers the Attorneys have, and when those come into force. That won't be until you say so or a doctor says you can no longer manage your own affairs
  • When you're happy with the wording, visit us again. We'll sign the document to confirm we're happy you understand it
  • We complete the Power of Attorney and register it with the Public Guardian's office. This usually takes about six weeks and is essential – the document won't come into effect unless it's registered
  • We'll give you a copy of the registered deed and keep the original for you. If you wish you can give copies to your Attorneys


Arranging a Power of Attorney is relatively inexpensive. 

However, if you don't have one and become frail it may be necessary to apply to the court to have a Guardian appointed for you. That can take several months, get your loved ones involved in a complex process and be much more expensive.

To make life easier for you and those you care about, we’re happy to discuss Power of Attorney and other legal matters at any time. 

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